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Aerating & Thatching

Let the Sun Shine!

At Nature’s Keeper, we give new life to worn soil by lifting it and allowing fresh light and water to replenish and nourish.

…The process is like exfoilating the lawn to allow fresh grass to grow.

We know that Aerating—when treated timely and with the proper tools; can help your lawn stay healthy and vibrant.


Many Homeowners and Property Maintenance Departments are intimidated by fertilizer choices.

…not our team of experts!

At Nature’s Keeper Landscaping, our many years of horticultural experience allows us to carefully choose the right balance of natural nutrients and subtle additives like nitrogen to enhance turf resilience or lime to increase the PH level in the soil.

No two lawns are alike!

Our Experts research and study each property; identifying areas needing fertilizer enrichment.

We create detailed maps and keep accurate records of everything in the landscape, from turf care to plantings.

Our results are hard to see— these areas become part of your beautiful seamless landscape!

We use commercial strength products to fertilize managed property.

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